Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tori with my sister's new pup.

My younger sister Andrea getting her first pedi! I can't even remember my first pedi! hehehe They both enjoyed it!

Zac in the van on the way. Thanks Aunt Kathy for helping out with all the kids in the back!

My cousin Michelle, myself, Andronicus and Andrea! Can't wait for Baby Boy to get here!

And who said that Mini Van Mom's aren't cool?? hehehe I can't believe I took my eyes off the road but Aunt Kathy made me turn around and smile!
We had a great little weekend trip to Shreveport to see my sisters! Thanks Aunt Kathy, Michelle, Kinley and Jacob for joining us on the trip! We had a blast!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Evee is here!

Love her hair!

Proud Big Cousin Tori with Evee!

Proud Aunt Jessica seeing Evee for the first time! What a doll! Notice all the green! hehehe

My younger brother Daniel and his wife Britni welcomed their 2nd child on March 17th! Evelyn Drew Del Bosque! She is such a cutie! Big Brother Aiden just loves her too. Tori could not get enough of her either! I need to get Mom's camera with the pictures of Zac not wanting to let go! Very cute! Welcome Evee to our family!

Spring Break

Went to a water park just south of Tyler on the last weekend of Spring Break just for a little get away. I didn't realize that I didn't take many pictures from the water park til we got home. Guess I was too busy chasing Zac around. He did love it though! Here is one of Tori coming down one of the slides.

He was trying to show me his snack in his mouth! Gross Bubba!

At the beginning of Tori's spring break she went with the Harris's to Great Wolf Lodge. She had a great time with a couple of friends. I did think to send my camera with her! Thanks Brittany for taking care of my camera and my kid! hehehe

A day at the park!

He loved the park!

What a big boy! He could go down the slide by himself! I think he was trying to show off in front of the other little boy there!

Tori loves taking pictures of herself with my camera! I just never know what I am going to find!

After a long afternoon in the park we went for ice cream at the good ol' DQ! Doesn't he just look so tired!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Here and there pictures before Christmas

Zac one morning while getting ready for Church! Notice the nice job that sister did on combing his hair!

The two great men in my life!! Tori snapped this picture one morning while I was getting ready for Church! I just love it of the both of them!

Tori and Lauren with green and black teeth!! Don't you love that colored icing!! It was the girls 2nd Annual Christmas Party and they had a blast at The Slagles! Thanks Pam for hosting!

Tori and Heather getting their 1st Coach purses!! They were just the right size for the little angels! hehehe Thanks Nicole and Krist....they are looking forward to their upgrade next Christmas on their Coach purses!!!

Just a few random pictures leading up to Christmas......Zac before Christmas party at nursing home.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Zac found a new place to get into last night! He would even shut the cabinet door and then peek out to see if we were still there! He is a mess!!

Tori made her Dad so proud twice this past weekend.....she went fishing Thanksgiving morning with him and Saturday morning! Here is my "Country Girl" showing off her striper! She loved it!

Zac and my Dad playing football! He really enjoyed playing outside with all the kids and my Dad!

Grandma Bobbie Sue got the camera out and had us all posing for pictures in the fall leaves. Tori thought to set my camera in black and white and I am glad that she did. I loved this picture! Just had to share! They love their Boopa!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baylor vs. Aggies Tailgate Party....

It sure was cold out there!

Zac and cousin Jacob Swain!

Tori and Hope on the rock wall outside the game!

It was a fun time with family at the tailgate! Just wished it was a little warmer out!